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Terms and Conditions

Booking - Wedding Day Hair and/or Makeup

Wedding day services are secured upon receipt of a non-refundable £50 booking deposit.  By paying the booking deposit, the client agrees to the following terms and conditions:


  •  A deposit of bridal services is due at the time of booking, to reserve the wedding date and cover admin costs.

  • This amount is non-refundable unless cancellation is made within 48 hours of confirming the booking.

  • The deposit will be deducted from the balance of the wedding day services.

  • The wedding date will be held for 7 days from date on the invoice of the booking deposit.

  • Payments not received within 7 days will result in the booking not being held.

  • The final balance for the wedding day services is due one month prior to the wedding date.

  • For short notice bookings (if the wedding date is less than four weeks away) 100% of the payment is due at the time of booking.


  • The client must advise Jennifer of any allergies or skin conditions prior to the appointment.

  • Jennifer uses ‘Duo’ lash glue which contains latex.  Clients with latex allergies who wish to have lashes applied should notify Jennifer of this at least one week before the appointment date.   

  • Jennifer will not be held responsible for any adverse reactions.


Service Location & Requirements

  • The client should ensure there is an area ready prior to the appointment.  A suitable working area should include a clear work surface or table, an electrical outlet and a good natural light source (opposite a clear window for example).

  • Jennifer will bring a raised, director’s-style chair for the client to sit on during makeup application.  For non-makeup (hair only) appointments, a regular chair should be provided by the client. 


Data Protection

  • Photographs, taken by Jennifer, of the client’s hair and/or makeup will be retained for use on social media business accounts and other promotional pages.  It is at the client’s discretion to notify Jennifer before or during their appointment, if they would prefer not to have their image used in this way.

  • The client’s personal information (such as email address, phone number or home address) will be retained by Jennifer for 12 months (for customer service and promotional purposes), after which, they will be destroyed.

  • Jennifer will not share the client’s personal information with any other individuals or companies unless directly instructed to by the client. 



  • Jennifer aims to be on time for every appointment.  If, due to unforeseen circumstances, this promise cannot be upheld, the client will be notified as soon as possible.

  • The client is required to provide suitable parking for Jennifer and must reimburse any parking and travel costs (any mileage over 10 miles) via the pre-agreed method of payment.

  • If the client wishes to amend their appointment time, they must contact Jennifer as soon as possible.  Jennifer will endeavour to accommodate the customer’s request, however, if this is not possible please refer to the below ‘Cancellation Policy’.


Cancellation Policy

  • Should you, for reasons unforeseen / not in your control / or any reason whatsoever, need to cancel your booking within six weeks of your wedding date, 50% of your final balance payment is still due.

  • Should the cancellation be made within one month of the wedding date, 100% of the final payment is still due.

  • Any balances due at the time of cancellation will be calculated upon the number of services, previously agreed upon up until the date of cancellation. No changes to the number of services when confirming cancellation will be applicable.

  • In the unlikely event that Jennifer cannot attend, she will endeavour to find an emergency replacement and all monies paid by the client for services not carried out will be refunded. Payments made for services already undertaken (such as trials) will not be refunded. Jennifer will not be held liable for any loss or other charges incurred due to the appointment not being upheld.


  • Should you, for reasons unforeseen / not in your control /or any reason whatsoever, need to postpone or change the date of your booking, one date change only (subject to Jennifer’s availability) shall be allowed.

  • -  If the new date is within the same year as the original date, this will be done at no additional cost to the client. Moving the booking to another year will incur the additional cost of any increase to prices made for that year.

  • -  Any additional changes to the date thereafter, will be seen as a new booking and therefore will require a new booking deposit and payment schedule to be made.

Booking - Occasion Hair and Makeup 

  • Bookings are secured upon receipt of a booking deposit. This confirms the agreement and secures Jennifer's availability for the booking on the agreed date and time for the agreed fee.

  • The remaining balance of the booking can be paid in cash at the time of the event or via bank transfer.

  • The full cost of a booking is incurred if a cancellation is received less than 24 hours before the event.

  • Cancellations are only deemed valid if received via email.

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